Emergency Boiler Rentals

So, what will you do if your steam or heating plant suddenly breaks down, leaving you unable to maintain production in your manufacturing facility, or heat your buildings in the wintertime? Or, worse yet, if a boiler failure places your Hospital operations in jeopardy, putting your patients at risk? The answer lies in having your boiler plant fitted with emergency rental boiler connections. Then, with a single phone call, you can summon a rental boiler and restore your operations in short order.

Edward Kurth & Sons, Inc. maintains a fleet of portable boilers and boiler rooms for immediate dispatch to your location. These range in size from under 50 horsepower up to 800 horsepower, pressures up to 250 PSI. We also have several units capable of Domestic Hot Water supply and hydronic heating application. Our equipment is all registered in the State of NJ and is guaranteed to pass inspection in other Jurisdictions as necessary. We have made field connection of piping and electrical utilities as simple as possible. In addition to boilers, we offer feedwater systems, pumps, heat exchangers, oil storage tanks and a variety of other mechanical equipment which is engineered for application to your specific needs. We are competitively priced and have the equipment and expertise to solve your boiler problems.

SteamRent Mobile Boiler

In the past, we have furnished rental boilers for terms ranging from just a few days, in the case of a scheduled inspection, to over three years time during a major facility modification. Our rental customers have included manufacturers, food processors, bakeries, hospitals, hotels, schools and institutional facilities. So, if your boiler breaks down, or if you just need a backup boiler for a scheduled outage, we’re your helpful alternative to frustration and overpaying for rental boiler equipment. Call us, 24/7; we are at your service to help you manage any steam emergency.