EKS is the premiere metal fabrication company serving all of NJ, PA and DE

We make sure all your needs are handled fast, at a fair price and with old-time craftsmanship, up to the minute technology and product quality that will exceed your expectations.

Our production shop covers 8,500 square feet of space in our main building. The shop is served with a 20-ton bridge crane and 6000# forklift equipment. Shop machinery includes:

  • Welding equipment to handle all processes and a variety of materials
  • Metal shearing and burning equipment including plasma cutting
  • Plate rolls, ½ X 8′ and ¼ X 4′
  • 220T press brake w/ 13′ bed
  • Weld positioners and tank rolls
  • Drill presses and light machine tooling
  • Ironworking equipment for punching, bending and coping metals
  • Structural Shapes Bending Machine
  • Painting facilities

We make it easy to procure whatever you need, such as:

  • Pipe assemblies
  • Code sub-assemblies and parts
  • Stacks
  • Complete pressure vessels
  • Feed-water tanks
  • Deaerator tanks
  • Platforms, ladders, stairways
  • Pipe and structural railings
  • Chutes and conveyor frames
  • Machine bases and platforms
  • Ductwork
  • Architectural aluminum and stainless steel

When it comes to your custom metal fabrication needs, we will cut it, split it, punch it, shear it, roll it, drill it, bend it, straighten it, brush it, peen it, flange it, splice it, pull it, push it, grind it, heat it, quench it, polish it, paint it and weld it using any of 100 procedures and, did I mention that we do this fast, to your exact specifications and at a price you’ll appreciate?

Call EKS with your metal fabrication requirements. We can help!